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    The Numbing of America: The Rape of E Jean Carroll

    By Dick Polman, WHYY News: In a normal universe – as opposed to the one we’re forced to inhabit – a vivid allegation of rape, leveled at a serially misogynist president, would be a news story worthy of 24/7 coverage. Heck, it would even be bigger than the recent feeding frenzy about Joe Biden touching… »

    CA Dems: A Return to Normalcy Is Catching On

    By the time the California Democrats left San Francisco Sunday – after the Dominatrixes Against Don and the bleeding man anti-circumcision protests; after Elizabeth Warren stole thunder from Bernie Sanders; after Kamala Harris was cheered for demanding impeachment and Nancy Pelosi was heckled for resisting… »

    Road Trip! How Many Ds Can Fit in Moscone Center?

    The Calbuzz “How Can You Miss Us if We Won’t Go Away” Reunion Tour will roll into San Francisco this weekend, along with every Democrat in the Northern Hemisphere, half of whom are running for president. At least fourteen – 14, count ‘em, 14 –… »

    Why Democrats – White and Black – Back Joe Biden

    Let’s dispense with the notion that name ID explains why former Vice President Joe Biden is repeatedly showing up with double and triple the support of other Democrats in… »

    Joe Biden and the Folly of the Pitchfork Brigade

    We agree with Harvard Professor Theda Skocpol: “The piling on about Joe Biden’s sometimes unwanted affectionate touches by political competitors and media outlets is shameful.” Biden is 76. He’s… »

    FBI vs. Apple: A Case Study of Kamala Equivocation

    With unchar- acteristic restraint, Calbuzz balks when people around the country ask us whether Kamala Harris is for real, or just the flavor of the week. Not because California’s… »

    Exit Interview: Jerry Brown Stresses Elder Wisdom

    As he leaves office Monday, after serving a combined 16 years as governor of California, Jerry Brown’s summation of what makes for great executive leadership boils down to one… »

    Op-Ed: Why Californians Don’t Win the White House

    By Garry South, From The Hill — We’ve barely recovered from the 2018 mid-terms, but the air is already thick with speculation about whether a candidate from California will… »

    Calbuzz Reprise: Our Memo to GOP on Relevancy

    Nearly a decade ago, we offered some suggestions to the GOP to help it become relevant again. They have rigorously ignored us and now, after watching the Blue Tsunami… »

    Gas Tax Necessary – But Waayyy Insufficient

    By Patrick Atwater, Special to Calbuzz — California’s history has been defined by visionary public works, from the world’s largest port to the nation’s first freeways to pioneering aqueducts… »

    PPIC Poll: Why Feinstein is Crushing Kevin de Leon

    The just-out poll from the Public Policy Institute of California?shows that, with two Democrats on the ballot because of California’s top-two primary system, more than half of Republicans (52%)… »

    KDL Pulls Even With DiFi! (Among Right-Wingers)

    Kevin de Leon’s cam- paign for U.S. Senate against Dianne Feinstein began, and continues, as an assault from the left, as he charges that she’s too soft on President… »

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